"My girlfriend and I have a…twisted kind of relationship. I sent her the I LOVE YOU, NOT bouquet. (also burned have of the bear for added effect, I'm a pyro) And did she ever love them. Thank you so much <3"
-Kyle, 19, doc worker

"My girlfriend literally left me a "dear John" note after I left for the office. She's now shacked up with her trainer. I sent her the Morticia bouquet…and got the last word.
- Jonathan, 32, computer programmer

"I sent Dirty Rotten Flowers anonymously to a casting agent after I didn't get a callback, and it felt awesome!"
- Jasmine (not my real name), 23, actress

"My boss passed me over for my well-deserved promotion and although I found a better job elsewhere, I wanted him to know that I'm worth it and sent the signature bouquet...he does have a sense of humor."
- Laura, 37, marketing executive

"When my future daughter-in-law conveniently uninvited me to my son's birthday event, I sent her Dirty Rotten Flowers. She's not speaking to me…exactly what I hoped for…Thank you DRF."
- Catherine, 65, wife and mother

"I sent my ex-girlfriend the Morticia after I found out she gave me herpes."
- Jake "Pitbull" Jones, 29, musician

"I ordered the Still Alive bouquet after I forgot my wedding anniversary…it seemed like a great way to apologize to my wife – and it worked!"
- Steven, 35, mortgage broker

"I break a lot of hearts in my line of work, so I send the signature Still Alive bouquet to give my boyfriends hope."
- Zoie, 22, waitress/hostess

"I sent the Morticia to someone I really, really hated…and he has never stalked me again."
- Alyshah-Rae, 27, mail carrier

"I sent the Still Alive bouquet to five of my closest friends after a health scare. They were really happy to get them."
- Winston, 31, yoga instructor